Joe Parr Sports Complex

The Joe Parr Sports Complex consists of the following amenities.

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Joe Parr Sports Complex

Joe Parr Sports Complex

Joe Parr Sports Complex

Joe Parr Sports Complex

Joe Parr Sports Complex

Booth Parr Baseball Field

Booth Parr baseball field is the home of the Yerington High School Lions and also is used for the Babe Ruth league and also doubles as a soccer field during the season. The field just had an electrical upgrade, complete with timers for night games.

Pat Peeples Softball Field

Pat Peeples is the City’s major softball field. It has a new lighting system that was just installed in June of 2011. This field host numerous tournaments throughout the year for girls softball, soccer and  is used for summer co-ed league play. The Spirit of Wovoka event is also held at this field annually.

Buck Aiazzi Little League Field

Buck Aiazzi Field is complete with lights, a concession stand and plenty of parking.

Reviglio Little League Field

Reviglio Little League Field is located on the corner of Poe Parr Ave. and Oregon street. it is our newest ball field, it is also used for softball and soccer.

Neil Herrin Field

Neil Herrin Field is a multi-use field.  It can be adapted for baseball or softball and is also used for youth soccer.

Lighted Tennis Courts

There are two lit tennis courts available at the Joe Parr Complex for year round enjoyment. The courts are located on Joe Parr Avenue, between Buck Aiazzi Little League Field and Reviglio Little League Field. There is plenty of parking available.